Hollywood Video Productions

Live Broadcast

Today, more than ever, it’s impotant to get those great live performances captured for television broadcast. We know this and we care deeply about preserving the value, intensaity, and soul of our live music acts. When we asked to create some spots for an upcoming telecast, we jumped at the prospect and compiled crew and equipment in a few short days to create some lovely work. Cudos to our cam ops and producers that helped us make this one such a success.

“It may be a timely music broadcast but it is its timelessness, as well as its depths of emotion, that qualify it as a great one.”

We look forward to producing your next show, whether or not it is for television. Rest assured we also create great great looking final product live for webcast or simply for recording for later distribution. Also, we can take live performance video and combine it with documentary coverage to create very interested timed and themed television or other broadcast.

“Lively, soulful, and entertaining …”