Hollywood Video Productions is easy to work with, congenial, knowledgeable and friendly. We have all sorts of offers and perks for supporters of our films, projects and philanthropic endeavours. Keep on the lookout for our next screenings and also we’ll keep you up to dat eon the next concerts we’ll be filming and might get your some free tickets or backstage passes.

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    Do you guys create video content?
    Do you use cinema grade cameras?

    We are always experimenting with the cutting edge of high end cinema, Sony, Arri, or Red. Love anamorphic, VV, and nu-media. we are very excited by large format and the new Red Raptor seems very exciting if it can live up to its hype.

    How do I submit ideas or scripts to be considered?

    Just fill out the form and we'll check out your work! Same goes if you have behind the camera talents.

    How can I get in contact with the pros you work with?

    If you reach out to us we can get you in contact with one certain crew member if you need to find someone unique. We also have various public functions where you could meet any number of us, so please leave your contact info and we'll fill you in.

    Where can I purchase the music, outfit, handbag, etc. heard/seen in a certain movie/trailer?

    Contact us and give us a screen grab etc so we can identify the product you'd like to purchase. We'd be glad to oblige.

    Can I download materials from your website?

    Usually you can download any of our work. We'd love you to keep samples close by you so you can show it to your other decision makers.