hollywood video productions

Our crews conduct all manor of video shoots from Cinema to Documentary to Commercial work to Live Event and Music Video and work for Broadcast Television. You name it if a video camera can capture it, we’ll be behind that camera.

Creating cinematic imagery has been our cornerstone since we started our company, for the biggest screen or the smallest.

Remote Broadcast demand has exploded. We create content from corporate events, live concerts, and newsroom style programming for the web and beyond..

We have created commercial art since our early days in advertising still. Project range from event recaps to global advertising.

At the core of our soul, we constantly strive to make a difference. We have worked all over the planet to help build a better world.

Stemming from our live concert work, our music videos fuse the thrill of performance with the detail of cinema.

We’ve worked on many national shows and we also develop projects from the ground up

We stream all manor of events on teh web. Concerts, corporate, sports. You name it.

Employ a team you can trust.    Experience, Creativity, Passion, and Love for the craft.


"Working with Hollywood Video Productions was a great experience. He uses top of the line equipment & gets the job done in a timely & cost efficient manner. But it was the visuals that really did it for me. Wow, It was a pleasure working with a professional company like this."

- Jon Kerrie, Creative Director


"They really hit the nail on the head for the project they created for us. I'd challenge any other video crew to match Hollywood's professionalism and overall vision."

- People Magazine


"Hollywood Video created a couple of conferences for LocalU Marketing. We got a great product quickly and at a reasonable price without any hassles. Thanks, Ed!"

- Mary Bowling