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Wild wild web

Today more than ever webcasting is a fast-paced quickly changing environment where huge new earnings potentials have suddenly gained ground. We appreciate that so we work every day on new innovations and clever ways to earn our clients more money from their events and web content. These shoots take a great deal of planning and coordination to pull off successfully and can quickly unravel if your team isn’t prepared for every eventuality. With Hollywood Video Productions, you can forget the stress and anxiety and focus on making your event everything you dreamed it would be.

live production

Hollywood Video Productions Live, as the name suggests, specializes in live production. However, we recognize not every show will be televised. In fact so much remote content is now being created simply for website distribution that webcasting should be a primary function for any video company, and we have been riding that cutting edge of technology for nearly a decade. The sheer number of live shows we've helped create for artists, musicians, bands, corporations, and non-profits, grows every day. We do so many of these type of shows we couldn't possibly update the website fast enough to keep up with listing new clients. And that says a lot about how successful we are creating internet broadcasts, or "webcasts" as they used to be called. Everything matters in a live show, whether it's to TV sets or computers. Lighting, pro sound, quality stage-craft, propper camera placement and operation, delicate camera switching. All these factor in to a great show. But let's not forget titling and splash graphics. These elements are commonplace in television productions but now more ever before we integrate these graphic elements into our shows to give our viewer that complete television experience no matter what screen they are watching. 

our proven process

At Hollywood Video Productions, we follow our own proven process whenever we tackle a project to be sure that we have all we need to do the job and to do it better than anyone else could. We bring an expansive imagination and a profound business insight to every project and use our technical expertise to bring your vision to life in effective, persuasive videos covering any topic you can dream up. Let’s look at our process and see how your TV Show project will unfold with Hollywood Video Productions.


While not every webcast client comes to us with a pre-production need, we do require meetings to get the details we need and get to know those we’ll be working with. It really does make the entire process much smoother – no matter what the actual task will be. When clients require the full production package, we begin by discussing the concept in depth to discover the tone and style you envision and assist you with creative development – including personality and character development. Then we begin by focusing on building a web-based personality and using social channels to promote the project. This will also give us important demographic data we can use to entice sponsorships and networks.

We also use this time to do all of the essential tasks required to produce the show itself. This will include budgeting, scheduling, planning, casting and scouting potential locations for the shoots. The entire time we’ll be side by side with you to counsel you on any decisions where our experience can prove beneficial. In fact, you’ll have our expertise and energy every step of the way along with whatever wisdom we can share to better your experience and the finished webcast. There really isn’t a better way to get your show off the ground than with Hollywood Video Productions. One conversation and you’ll agree, we’re the only right choice out there.


Your webcast is a very exciting time and could prove hectic if not for our detailed and extensive pre-production planning. All the time we spent hammering away at the details will mean far less time and energy wasted while on set. Our team will arrive to the location early to ensure no issues are present and the shots will be achievable according to the established timeline. All studio work will have been scheduled as well and strict adherence to schedule always top of mind. This kind of approach will keep costs down by limiting any delays while cast and crew are on set.

This is also the time that we’ll be sending out social media assets to promote your show. These packages include a pre-planned approach that consists of content creation for a variety of platforms. In short, just as the name implies, production is where we do all the camera work we’ll need to produce the show you’re trying to bring to life. It’s where our multi-camera crews staffed by the best camera operators, sound technicians, gaffers, production assistants, and support staff put their incredible skill to work and where your vision starts to take shape.


Now that your show is in the can doesn't mean it's all over for us. it’s time to next level it and our creativity and technical expertise will take the lead.  The real goal here is to add way more than we could do on-set and take it further. This work can be almost anything you can imagine – from motion graphics to color correction.

No matter what the subject matter or the style you’re trying to achieve with your production, our team has the talent and the tools, not to mention the technical skill, to deliver webcasts beyond what you hoped for on time and at budget. It doesn’t matter what you’re challenges the team at Hollywood Video Productions has seen it all and handled it without issue – always delivering the finest work you can be proud to put your name behind. And, we can do the same for anyone with a good idea and the budget to see their vision made real.

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  • Personality Development
  • Content Development
  • Multi-Channel Content Creation
  • Casting & Location Scouting
  • Video Production, Editing, Finishing
  • Social Media Promotion