Strip Club Confidential

THE WORLD’S BEST STRIPPERS NOW AT CLUB EDEN, NEW ORLEANS’ NEWEST PREMIERE GENTLEMEN’S CLUB.Now a reality TV show! Strip Club Confidential: We follow the changes made as strip clubs upgrade into premiere Gentlemen’s Clubs, and that’s why the show is called Strip Club Confidential. Johnny Longhorn comes on the scene as a strip club design consultant who has the vision to make the most of a club’s space, budget, and limitations. Longhorn transforms it into a premiere gentleman’s club,  spending two months working with Club Eden to upgrade it from a hole in the wall third rate club to the best strip club in the entire area. He understood that he needed to put in a brand new chrome pols, a new stage and VIP area, as well as holding audition nights to change the universe of the club. Strip Club Confidential’s Happy Endings: Longhorn  ultimately was able to make Club Eden into something special. We follow the really hot dances when amateurs compete for a chance to become regular entertainers in the newly anointed club. We follow the ups and downs of the new construction projects as older dancers get replaced by hot young super strippers who bring the look and the talent to the club after it’s completely renovated and ready for a brand new life. The going is anything bust smooth and easy as tensions rise, tempers fly and a brand new thirty foot high spinning chrome stripper pole is erected in the center of the club, destined to become the focal point of the newly reconstructed establishment. Watch Johnny and his cast of raging hot strippers, owners, has-been dancers and all the great customers come together to celebrate the brand new club.Be part of something special and enjoy yourself for the wild ride! Sit back and get comfortable as you are transported to the land of fantasy and you don’t even have to leave your living room. Stay tuned to find out what happens next as special guest celebrities chime in to help create America’s best new hot strip joints.