Lying in the Gulf of Mexico is Shell’s Perdido Platform. It’s one of the deepest floating oil and gas platforms on the planet. This film follows how Shell must seek a new solution to help solve a decades old problem with Perdido – the periodic disruption of its pumps responsible for separating oil and gas. As the film reveals, the issue has stumped engineers for some time, so to solve the mystery Shell calls in a crack team – its data detectives. The data detectives plan to use artificial intelligence to look for patterns in data returned from Perdido’s pumps. Each pump sends a stream of information, including temperature, pressure and chemical signatures. With AI, the detectives are looking reoccurring signatures in the data ahead of a pump failure. After drawing an initial blank, they team up with pump operator Jimmy Johnson, who helps the team refine their computer code, which ultimately leads to a tell-tale chemical signature ahead of 70% of pump disruptions – a great win for Shell’s data detectives and AI.  We worked decisively with Matthew Welch and Shell Oil to create this piece. Using Red Cameras, a Ronin2 stabilizer, Zeiss Prime lenses, my team filmed on location at the offices in New Orleans to tell this story. We were able to captivate viewers by combining more traditional filmmaking techniques along with strong interviews to weave an interesting tale about the Perdido deep well in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Shell Oil Co.


Edward Holub


Matthew Welch