What can 1 second of video show you? Those questions prompted me to design a 90 second reel with 90 shots to see if I could make a cohesive statement from my entire body of work. Some challenge huh? Well, tell me if you like the overall view. I sent out a few mass mails to get the public’s view and I listened to messages to make a few changes, mainly I added the voiceover. A demo reel shows a lot about your video production company.

Demo Reel Style

A well produced piece should give you an idea of the company’s range, style, creativity, excellence, brand participation, genres and specialties as well as leave you with the feeling that you are in good hands when you work them. You won’t be disappointed when you work with us.  Our current demo reel featuring clips from over 80 of our productions. Click on this link to view our reel and enter our website at the same time.

When you are looking to hire a video production company or a videographer, you should carefully scrutinize the demo reel of the company you are thinking of hiring. After you view our demo reel I’m sure you will be eager to work with New Orleans Video Productions as your premiere choice.

Well, now it’s a little weird for me when I watch this because it’s my voice but we needed to get the facts listed in here to let everyone know about all our accomplishments. A good demo reel should impress your viewers and also show you have versatility and can produce a lot different kinds of content. I only featured a few of our genres and styles because we offer so many different kinds of video products for such a wide array of clients and video needs. We love creating video content that’s for sure! We look forward to making more video trailers for you to enjoy. Stay tuned.